Testimonials! Thank you!

I have taught yoga for university organizations, church women’s groups, at libraries, event centers, and substance abuse rehabilitation centers. I love teaching, and I love working with so many incredible people as they work toward their own goals in yoga and in life. Here are some testimonials from some past students. Want your feedback featured on this page? Send me a message and I’ll add it in! Want to practice with me? Find my teaching schedule at the “Yoga” link above.

“Allie’s ability to reach all skill and physical levels in yoga makes her a very effective teacher. Her kind and knowledgable demeanor put all at ease and invite a sense of wellbeing and trust in all the classes she teaches.” – Kylie B.

“I loved doing prenatal yoga with Allie! She really helped me feel relaxed and connected to my changing body! Her voice is so incredibly soothing, and I love her peaceful energy. I definitely recommend her!” – Chantel S.

“Allie’s prenatal yoga was amazing for my pregnant body! After I took her class, I felt rejuvenated and I had more energy. I absolutely loved the way her class was structured and would recommend it to anyone!” – Jeni B.

“Yoga with Allie is both fun and relaxing! She provides a friendly atmosphere for her classes and is knowledgeable about what she teaches.” – Mic L.