Sick Days & Gentle Yoga

When I get sick, it goes straight to the lungs and sinuses. I’ve rarely had the flu or any other illness, gratefully, but I get bad colds, and they linger. A month ago I was running over 6 miles. Over the last couple weeks, I don’t even want to breathe more than I have to, let alone run! Or even get upside down in yoga (sinuses!)

The worst of the cold brought an incredibly tired body. I’m doing a lot better since then, but I’m still taking it easy. It’s going to be a little while before I’m running again. This week I’ve started to be more intentional about stretching in the mornings. In bed, I’ll stretch my arms up, twist my body, crawl forward to Child’s Pose, roll up to all 4’s, snake my spine, and do some Cat/Cow’s. All from the comfort of my bed. I keep my bolsters on my bed (it’s a big bed and I’m a single lady, so there’s room!) and sometimes I’ll grab the round bolster and throw it under my hips, propping my legs up to let the blood flow to my heart. I’ll then slide over the bolster, letting the bolster arch my back.

Stretching my body first thing in the morning makes a world of a difference for a tired, sick, tight body. If that’s all I can do in a day, I’ve still done something.

* I’ve grown to be a big fan of in-bed yoga—it’s a great way to naturally start the day! Intentional stretching. I talk more about this in my free e-book, “Wake Up Well,” available as a download when you sign up for my email newsletter.