Discovering Your Dharma

Written on September 10, 2015, in the midst of presenting my 3-part Yoga for Healing workshop.

On Tuesday, I taught the 2nd yoga workshop in my 3-part Yoga for Healing series at the Provo City Library. The 1st workshop in the series caught me a little off guard, as in, there were a few more people than I expected. Which was wonderful! But I felt a little flustered. This week, from the get-go, it just felt better. I was ready. And it flowed. It was beautiful. I shared some of my favorite things about yoga, the things that I use regularly, the things that, when I first learned them, enlivened my soul.

I had planned a sequence to do with the class, but as soon as I started teaching, I knew it would change. I followed my intuition. The words flowed, the practice flowed. It just felt really wonderful being there, sharing that practice with a full room of eager yogis. I had my friend Chelsey snap the above picture after class, outside of the room I taught in at the Provo City Library. I didn’t want to forget that feeling of peace, fulfillment, and contentment. I’ve been thinking about dharma— “the way of higher truths.” Each person has a dharma. It is, essentially, the path you were born to live. It is yours to discover, yours to choose to live. There are 7 dharmic paths:

1. Path of Labor — General occupations. Most people fall in this category.

2. Path of Military — Military, law enforcement, etc.

3. Path of Government — Political leaders.

4. Path of Science — Medical researchers, scientists, etc.

5. Path of Philosophy — Church leaders, philosophers, etc.

6. Path of Creativity — Artists, writers, musicians, etc.

7. Path of Humanitarianism — Religious workers, medical workers, welfare and social service workers, holistic health practitioners, etc.

There is more to it, but that is the basic basic version. I know that I have spent time in different paths so far in my life. I know that I still have a lot to learn, and that my path will continue to develop and refine itself as I continue to follow that pull of my spirit. Tuesday night, I felt that pull. I appreciate learning different aspects of yoga philosophy, like the idea of dharma. It helps me understand my own life in a different way, and makes my path a little clearer.