moving through the heaviness

There are a lot of things I want to build through this company, and sometimes it’s timing that prevents them from happening…

…and sometimes it’s just me, the situations around me, and I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

You know?

That’s been this season. Wins: I’ve been teaching two wonderful yoga classes a week (Mondays at noon at the Startup Building—which is WAY better than it’s original early morning time slot—and on Saturday mornings with BYU Women’s Services and Resources), have been asked to teach yoga more for student housing events or for Relief Society events around the Provo area, and have been given some opportunities to begin making an income with my doTERRA team. I was featured on the Braid blog [link], which was a huge honor. And there have been a few other little things that show me that I am right where I’m supposed to be.

But then there are the things that I want to do, but haven’t done yet: begin a monthly women’s hiking group, grow my Startup Building yoga classes to the point where I can start donating the $ from some classes to charity, and find ways to help individuals see how yoga can help them in their specific situations.

Then there are the things like realizing that I’m not good at daily blogging! I’ve always been a keep-it-to-the-point kind of person (usually…), as evidenced by my almost-always-shorter-than-requested college essays (why fluff it up?). In that way, I’m much better at Instagram. But even then, I could be better at it 🙂

I guess what I’m saying is…I’m learning to move through the heaviness. There are a lot of things I want to do, and I’m going to work to do those.

Most immediately:

– Yoga classes are still happening! We’ve had some new faces at my Monday noon yoga class at the Startup Building and it is the best. First class is free, $5/class after that. (Employees in the building + DevMountain students attend for free always, as a perk!)

– Essential oil BOGO’s this week with doTERRA. It’s a great time to enroll with a wholesale account with my team if you haven’t already. For today’s deal at least—buy an OnGuard and get a Lavender free—the free lavender itself usually costs $28 retail. A wholesale account costs $35. It just about evens out, and that’s awesome. There’s a new BOGO every day this week. Check out my Instagram stories for details, or send me a message to chat about essential oils. I use them every day (and happened to have used both OnGuard and lavender yesterday!). To read about why I finally decided to dive into oils and home remedies, click here.

– Next Wednesday, March 1 at 10am MST I’ll be teaching a Facebook Live class, Essential Oils for Emotional Trauma Recovery. Whether you have experienced emotional trauma, betrayal trauma, etc., know someone who has and want to offer them some love, or simply want to know how to use oils to help you feel good every day, this class will be full of information + my own and others’ experiences. If you join me live, you’ll also be able to ask questions at the end. On the Daily Essential Co Facebook page [here].

– And I do intend to host a local hike for women soon! It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for two months now, and I just hesitate to do so when the weather and trail conditions are sometimes so unknown with the ever-changing Utah weather. But this will happen soon. Follow me on Instagram for the latest updates on this, and all my other endeavors!

Let’s keep moving forward. <3