Make Your Own Essential Oil Roller Bottles

At my wellness class last week, I invited all of the attendees to make roller bottles for allergy relief (which we will all find super useful when spring begins to roll along, I’m sure!). Roller bottles are great because 1) they make it super easy to apply essential oils, 2) the oils are already diluted so they’re safe for the skin, 3) it helps essential oils last longer because you’re using less at a time, and 4) you know exactly what is in them, especially if you make them yourself.

I should note, if you don’t want to buy the supplies and make these roller bottles yourself, or if you’re worried to get ratios wrong, etc., I love the doTERRA Touch Kit (retail $225.33), also part of the Family Wellness Enrollment Kit (wholesale $275, and gives you wholesale pricing for a year). These oils come pre-diluted in fractionated coconut oil, so you just open the package and start using! No need to buy oils, supplies, mix, and label. It’s all in one kit, and that has been super convenient for me. These Touch oils are always floating around by my bed, in my purse, in my bag if I’m traveling—everywhere. Contact me if you’re interested in getting these!

If you want to make your own, here is the best, most cost-efficient way to do it.


doTERRA* Essential Oils

Fractionated Coconut Oil (buy)  

Roller Bottles (buy

How To

1. Roller bottles come in three parts: bottle, roller, and lid. Set aside the roller and lid for now!

2. Determine how many drops of essential oils you want to use in your roller bottle. I usually do between 8-12 drops. This chart by Joleigh Blonde is a great resource if you’re trying to determine how to best dilute oils especially for babies, children, or people with sensitive skin!

3. Carefully add in the appropriate amount of essential oils to the roller bottle.

4. Fill the rest of the roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

5. Push the roller into the bottle. Make sure it is sealed! Sometimes you have to push it a bit harder to seal it.

6. Then add a lid! Label your roller bottle. And now you’re done!

Here are some of my favorite, easy, go-to roller bottles to make: Allergy Relief (lavender + peppermint + lemon); Earache Relief (lavender + peppermint + melaleuca); Sleep Aid (lavender + cedarwood); Headache Relief (peppermint).

And there you have it! What are some of your favorite essential oil combos? Tell me in the comments!

* I trust doTERRA above any other essential oil company because I know exactly what is in each bottle. I’ve tried multiple brands and these are pure and potent, and you can tell just by the smell/touch. To show transparency, doTERRA does more testing on each batch of oil than any other company, and they share all of this information at Simply put in the batch number (found on the bottom of each bottle of oil) and all of their testing on that specific batch of oils is there for you to view. I love this. I trust them. I buy these oils then dilute them myself with fractionated coconut oil or any other pure carrier oil, so I know exactly what I am putting on/in my body. (Or I use the doTERRA Touch oils, which have been pre-diluted, as I shared earlier).

** This post contains affiliate links. If you do want to buy fractionated coconut oil or roller bottles, it would be great if you could do it from these links so I get a bit of change back from the sale! Thanks!