I don’t totally have my stuff together.

I don’t totally have my stuff together.

I want to make that clear. Today an article came out in my local University’s newspaper, and I was interviewed in it—and I LOVE sharing about yoga, wellness, meditation and all the good things. (And it’s pretty fun seeing photos of me lookin’ cool, you know? Thanks for that, Tiffani and Megan!!)

But I want to make it clear that while I’m sharing how great yoga is and how much good it’s brought to my life—and it absolutely is SO great and has brought SO much good to my life—that doesn’t mean I get on my mat every day. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about what I was going to eat for breakfast during my guided meditation this morning. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had this ridiculous underlying anxiety the ENTIRE WEEK, or that I had to remind myself to exhale several times at work yesterday.

I love this quote from the article: “I’ve been practicing conscious relaxation, especially through yoga and meditation,” Barnes said. “I’ve noticed beautiful improvements in my running performance, relationships with others and overall day-to-day peace.”

Yes, amen. All of that. But also, I just ate spoonfuls of peanut butter and am slouched over on the couch drowsily writing this.

But also, I DO remember to exhale, and I can consciously recognize when I’m not, and when prana (“life energy”) is not effectively flowing through my body. I’ve meditated every day for almost a month (instead of just occasionally, as in the past), which is a huge accomplishment in itself, knowing that I have the drive to dedicate even a couple minutes a day to something that is good for my heart. I value the time I do give myself on my mat, because regardless of what my practice looks like or how long it is, I truly do always feel more alive, calm, and peaceful afterward. Caring for my body and spirit HAS improved my running performance—I am sure of it and can’t wait to share more about that—and it HAS blessed my relationships, and I think even this week, in the midst of this silly anxiety and tiredness, I still feel a measure of peace. Or I can access that peace, and that recognition that I really do have it pretty dang good. (#blessed)

Just in case you read the article and thought “Allie sure has her shiz together!”, I assure you, I do not. But I can promise you that the little things do make a difference. That even taking a few long, deep breaths can make a difference—and an immediate difference at that.

If you want to read more about how much yoga/breathing/meditation can improve your life, check out that article here. But also, if you want to lounge on your couch, watch some Hulu and eat spoonfuls of peanut butter, I absolutely support that too.


P.S. The cover photo for this blog post? Thanksgiving 2017. Baggy shirt and belly full of dinner. Keeping it real. Ha!