Race Recap: Payson Pay-It-Forward 5k

A couple months ago my awesome roommate Suzy sat down and listed off a bunch of races she had signed up for this season. At the time I was running, had some goals, had some races in mind, but hadn’t signed up for any yet (or maybe signed but but hadn’t told anyone yet, as I do. Ha!) Long story short, Suzy is awesome, I decided to make some solid running commitments for the season, and I decided to do Suzy’s first race of the season with her: the Payson Pay-It-Forward 5k.

Pros: Cost only $1! The race was created to encourage people to get out and run, and not let a race entry fee deter people from signing up. The race included a 1 mile run and a 5k, all sharing that first mile together. That first mile surrounded by families and more kids than I’ve ever seen at a race ever? So dang cute. This was a very family friendly event, and very accessible to anyone. They also had a nice folk band playing at the Start/Finish line. All the volunteers were super nice. It was just a happy place to be!

Cons: NO SHADE. MOSTLY HILLS. Especially the last two miles. Ha! We did not expect that. I took this run as more of a training run for another upcoming 5k, and I did hit my goal times for each of my mile splits. But dang. It was tough.

But, I think that made the ending even better—the park at the finish line is fully shaded, they provided water and fruit, and there was that nice folk band playing and plenty of seating.

And look at all we accomplished before 9:30am!

I definitely recommend this race if you want to get your family involved, if you want a quality race for a very low cost, or if you want a good hill training run.