Race Recap: Thankful13 – 5k / Girlfriend Run!

This Thanksgiving morning two of my girlfriends and I ran the Thankful 13 – 5k! It was so good for my soul to enjoy running with friends again (or at least seeing each other before and afterward, haha) and I’m pretty proud of how I ran this race. So let’s chat about it!

Before the race, I met up with Haley and Maddison. Haley went off with her mom and another friend to start the race. I started with Maddison. At the beginning of the race they had sign posts to help you line up according to your pace (6 min mile, 7 min mile, etc.). We were walking toward the 9 minute mile flag but the crowd was so huge we just settled in the 8 minute mile section. We started shuffling along as the race started, and IMMEDIATELY had to start dodging people.

Let’s pause and talk race etiquette really fast, because this was a huge problem, especially at the first half of the run: If you are planning on walking the race from the get go, please do not line up ANYWHERE before a 10 minute mile pace, because your pace is SO slower than that. 10/11/12 minute miles are still running. If I am lined up with the 8 minute mile group and tripping over you as soon as we cross the starting line, that is not cool. And if you maybe start running then stop in the middle of the race to walk, please go off to the side, probably the right side somewhere so people can more easily keep running around you. If you stop in the middle of a small path—and especially if you have one or two other people stop running with you—people will be tripping on you and dodging and hopping off the paved path to get around you. And if someone is really pushing to get their best time, these stops can really add up and negatively impact their personal performance. These things go for even a casual 5k race like yesterday, or a full blown marathon. (Strollers: Usually people want you to start in the back if you’re pushing a stroller, but I don’t have a huge opinion on this. Some people are hardcore runners with strollers. If you can do that and keep up with the pace that you are lined up to run in, amazing. So do what you think is right in this case.)

Okay, thanks. On with my own race recap.

The first bit was a lot of weaving around people. I lost Maddison in the first quarter mile (she’s really good at dodging people, haha). There was an aid station at the half mile mark that I skipped and just kept running.

I did this 5k with my friend David Seletos maybe 3 years ago? (Hi old friend, hope you’re well!)—but they definitely switched the course around a bit. I had a flashback at a particular point of running DOWN a hill toward the Jordan River Trail and realized I had run UP that hill the last time! I liked this course better (it could also have to do with the weather—3 years ago it was sunny but FRIGID, SO SO COLD, and this time it was overcast and had been rainy, but it wasn’t raining when we were running. There was a chilly breeze but the breeze actually felt SO good while running. And I love overcast running. It just felt really nice).

The course runs along the Jordan River Trail and it is just so beautiful. I made sure to look up and enjoy the scene especially at that portion of the run.

Another cool thing about this run: It was my first race wearing contact lenses!! That’s what I had asked Santa for for Christmas—an eye exam and contact lenses! I received my gift last week, so I was able to run this time in them. Usually I’d be running in prescription glasses or sunglasses, and if rain is expected I’d just leave those in the car and run with blurry vision. It was AMAZING being able to see everything as I ran. I find myself in awe throughout the day when I wear my contacts, just noticing how much I can read and see without frames around my vision now. It’s just the best gift!

I ran every hill. I paused to walk a few steps just two or three times, but each walking break lasted probably just 5-8 seconds. According to my Garmin, I ran a pretty steady pace the whole time (because I’m a nerd, I’m going to attach screenshots from my Garmin app from the race). I tried to keep a good running form, and experienced zero pain while running! (My right shoulder at LEAST usually hurts at some point, especially when pushing the pace, but I don’t remember feeling any pain this time. I think it’s because I really am working on my running form and maybe it’s getting more natural to run this way).

I crossed the finish line still at that steady pace, feeling good about my form, though we’ll see how it looks when I get the final photos 😉 haha

I walked a few steps then squatted to breathe for a moment. I was given my medal then walked to the curb to sit down. I met up with Maddison who had finished just a few seconds before me. We then got in line for food and were part of the 5% that actually stood in that line forever, instead of cutting in somewhere, to get our pumpkin pie and churros. Worth it. So delicious.

We got our official times, Maddison rung the PR bell, then we met up with Haley to hear about her run and take a photo together.

I said it before and I’ll say it again—this run was so good for my soul. I admit I’ve been laying low lately— preferring to be alone, busy with work, and this week enjoying family in town. It’s been an odd few weeks. I’m so grateful for Haley and Maddison—both for who they are as awesome women and friends, and also for signing up and running this race with me. It was so, SO good for my soul!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!