History of Running, Part 2: Maintaining

Run Through the Lavender 5k, Summer 2015
Thankful 5k, November 2015

Temple to Temple 5k, July 2016
Red Rock Relay, October 2016
Voices of Courage 5k, October 2016

The period from 2015-2016 was defined by me starting then leaving a job in social work (July 2015-March 2016), and continuing an on-again off-again relationship (off most of 2015, on again in January 2016, if I remember correctly, then “off again” in October 2016, but still chaotically around). These things + the stress that accompanied both of them (whether or not I realized exactly how much stress at the time) caused my running to take a backseat. (Edit: Those things are true, but I think the bigger thing was, running just wasn’t my priority. It felt good so I still didn’t, but it wasn’t where my focus was. Different seasons for different things). I’d still run, but I was definitely not keeping up momentum from the running I did in 2014. It was more of maintaining. I was still just casually lingering around the 2-4 mile range.

In summer 2015 I did the Run Through the Lavender 5k with some girlfriends, which was (aside from the Ragnar Relay the year before) the first race that I did “with” other people. While I didn’t technically run with them, it was so fun to start and end together. Before, running had always been a solo endeavor, and I really appreciated the social aspect of this race for me.


In the fall of 2015 I trained with my friend David to run the Thankful 13- 5k race on Thanksgiving morning. I remember running around the neighborhoods in Springville on late chilly evenings. It was fun to run in new places, and to train WITH someone (Note: When I say “train” I still just mean slowly running 1-3 miles a few times a week). We ran it on Thanksgiving morning. It was freezing (more cold than any Thanksgiving morning since), but I gave it my all and really enjoyed it. (Chip time: 30:46— average 9:56 min/mile pace).

I ran the Temple to Temple 5k in July 2016. My boyfriend at the time surprised me at the start to run it with me, which I LOVED, and we made our way through Provo to the finish. I don’t have my time for this, but I’m pretty sure it was around a 9:30 pace. I really lingered around that pace for a very long time.

At the very beginning of October that relationship (kind of) ended, and I ran a relay the next weekend. But I’m going to come back to that relay in the next post, because that was a big thing for me, and goes along with what came next.

Also in October 2016 I ran the Voices of Courage 5k with BYU Women’s Services and Resources (where I was teaching yoga on Saturday mornings at the time). My finish time was 31:46. I remember that I came in wanting to get a PR (“personal record”) for my 5k time, but the first half mile was SO congested that I realized that would be impossible (like, the course took us on a narrow sidewalk beside the buildings, so there was no room to move forward. You just had to go with the flow of traffic). I took it easy, enjoyed the race, and was grateful that I could support an organization that I worked with and appreciated so much.

There you have it: my continued casual running. Next up: Structured training and focused goals—and using running as part of my trauma recovery experience.