I’m leaving doTERRA… but not leaving doTERRA!

Some people can have their hands in 20 different pursuits and thrive. Some people have a single focus and prefer to do just that. I’m somewhere in between: if I’m doing one too many things, I get burnt out, but if I’m only doing one thing, I also get burnt out (and feel unfulfilled). I’m learning to find that balance.

Becoming part of the Daily Essential Co doTERRA team a couple years back was SO good for me. My mentor, Kelly, not only pulled me into a team of awesome women, included me in social events, and helped me find opportunities to share oils and earn some extra income, but she also was a loving support in the midst of emotional trauma recovery, sickness, and more. She was always aware of me and loving me. Kelly, and our entire team, gave me life and purpose when I was at my lowest.

photo by megan mitchell

I love doTERRA—as a company and as a product—and I intend to keep using doTERRA. They are top notch and I can’t recommend them enough! But I realized that having this as a little side business for me is taking too much mental energy now—mental energy that I think it’s time for me to shift back to other pursuits, like hosting yoga workshops!

I’m still using doTERRA—but just as a wholesale customer instead of a wellness advocate. I still recommend doTERRA to anyone. I still love using these oils and products every single day. I still think a wholesale account is a great deal! And I still think the Daily Essential Co is a great team, and if you want to be a part of it, go talk to Kelly (@lemonsandlight)—Tell her Allie sent you!

I’m excited for all that is to come, especially with this extra mental space to use!

Oils for an Active Lifestyle

I’ve been chatting on Instagram lately about my LOVE for Deep Blue Rub, and a couple other oils for an active lifestyle. I’ve been upping my mileage and activity each week, so recovery is so important, and Deep Blue is a part of that. When my muscles are sore, I rub Deep Blue on them. When I had tightness in my feet this week, I did some exercises to stretch them out (heat, stretch, then ice—BUT IM NOT A PROFESSIONAL so talk to someone who is for your specific issues, because it may not be the same as mine and you don’t want to make things worse— whew. That’s my disclaimer)—and then I put Deep Blue on them, either Deep Blue Rub or Touch, and put socks on. My feet are doing much better now, gratefully, and I’m back to pushing on workouts.

I also started using the Tri-Ease soft gels which are supposed to help with seasonal allergies. I think I’ve noticed a difference, and I gave some to a friend who said he noticed a difference immediately with his congestion. * If you have a diffuser, you can diffuse lavender, peppermint, and lemon—one or two drops of each together and this can help with allergies as well.

And finally, Breathe. A great go-to for congestion as well. I either diffuse the Breathe oil blend or use the Breathe vapor stick if I’m feeling congested.


DoTERRA is continuing their awesome Deep Blue promotion from last month JUST UNTIL APRIL 15!—free Deep Blue Rub and Deep Blue Touch (pre-diluted oil safe to apply directly to the skin) ($94.67 retail value) with any order of 200 PV or more. …And I know, if you don’t already use doTERRA, that means nothing! Ha! Basically, if you’re already enrolled with doTERRA (like a Costco wholesale membership, so pay $35 and get 25% off everything for a year + free oils + education + an awesome team of girlfriends + more!) you put in an order of over 200 Point Value (roughly $200, or a bit more), and get $94.67 of oils for free. If you aren’t already enrolled, there are a couple enrollment kits that are over 200 PV, so you’ll get the entire enrollment kit PLUS these additional products. Just such, SUCH a good deal. Here are the basic kits that this deal applies to:

Click here for more info on the perks of enrolling and to see what is in each kit!

Seriously, joining doTERRA has been such a blessing in my life. (I wrote about that here!) I have options now when I’m not feeling great. I can support an active lifestyle, and having these tools empowers me to do more. (PLUS, a thing I don’t talk about often, doTERRA is a great business, and I am part of a great team! I’d love you to be a part of it.) 

Contact me to chat oils, wellness, running, yoga… anything! I’m here, and I love this stuff.