Re-Discovering Creativity

Toward the end of last year, I recall reading a book or listening to a podcast in which the writer/speaker noted that if we reach back to our childhood memories—our hobbies, interests, talents, etc.—we’d better remember what we love to do, what we wanted “to be when we grow up,” and from those things, find our life paths and callings. I remember hearing this and thinking back to middle school, and how my FAVORITE class was English. I had an awesome (6th grade?) English teacher who encouraged creativity. I have this memory of walking out of the classroom at the end of the school day, down the ramp to the sidewalk, and feeling so bright inside.

Ultimately (and ridiculously), after receiving an Associate of Arts degree in English, the only reason I remember for not pursuing my Bachelors in English was that 2 years of a foreign language was required for the degree. I remembered not being great at Spanish in High School, I didn’t want to go out of my comfort zone to take those classes, and I definitely wanted to just get done with college. Those four extra classes were not on my agenda.

I let go of writing, more or less.

By 2017, writing was barely on my mind—so much so that I was SHOCKED when I went home to visit family for Christmas last December and discovered a box of old short plays, essays, and poems I had written early in my college career. A box full of things I had written, that meant so much to me, and that were actually pretty good. There was a huge binder full of research, articles I had torn out of magazines, pictures I had printed out for color/tone/mood inspiration, little things I had gotten published here and there that I had completely forgotten about.

I realized that this part of me was missing, and I wanted it back. I wanted to infuse my life with creativity again—intentionally and passionately.

I made a goal to try cooking more new recipes. I began writing a bit more (just for fun). My Instagram posts became (to me) more heartfelt and thought out. I began cross-stitching! There are pictures torn out of magazines and taped onto my bedroom wall. I have notes scribbled in the corners of a notebook with ideas for content, projects, or things I want to research.

Additionally, I’m building a whole new yoga program curriculum, which is using creativity in one of my favorite ways!

One of the coolest things: as soon as I made that intention to practice creativity more, more opportunities simply came about to do so. When I returned back to work after the new year, I was immediately invited into a meeting where I was asked to take on a more creative role in the company—and I LOVE it. When we set intentions, and when we move forward in them in whatever way we can, everything else will fall into place.

I am grateful for little-Allie who loved to write, sing, make, and do. It feels so good to come back into that space again.