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When I recorded this episode with Jill on her front porch, that was our first time meeting. We had chatted briefly on Instagram a couple of times, but that’s it. Flash forward a few weeks, and I now work at her studio, The Station, as a yoga instructor! I thought Jill was awesome before, and the feeling just keeps growing. In this episode, Jill shares her journey as an athlete, and of becoming a personal trainer and building her business. We also talk about the importance of both strength trainingSEE DETAILS

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Episode 3 is with the wonderful Allie Vincent! I first met Allie about 6 years ago when we were missionaries for our church in the Southern United States. At the time, Allie was allergic to gluten, wheat, corn, and dairy, and was often too nice to say no when people offered her food that she was even allergic to. Ha! I remember one night having to drive us home from a dinner appointment down the backroads and Allie opening the door every couple minutes (while I was driving) and drySEE DETAILS

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Sam Monsivais. Episode 2. Sam is legit. He’s not only a stellar runner, he’s also one of the kindest people I know, always willing to help out. I didn’t know him too well until last fall when I invited him to be on a Red Rock Relay team with me, and spending a whole day in a van with 5 other people just tends to bring people together. That led to “New Girl Nights” with me, Sam, and his roommate Dane (who we also mention in the podcast). And THATSEE DETAILS

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In the first ever Strong + Gentle podcast episode, I talk to Chantel Stucki about her journey through emotional trauma, and how she responded to it first by running (a LOT), then finding healing through meditation, and then how she learned to love yoga. She talks about how her body and spirit have needed different things at different times, and what she is doing nowadays in her workouts, especially having just had her first baby (you’ll hear a bit from her babe in the podcast 😉 So dang cute).Chantel andSEE DETAILS

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Last Monday I ran the Temple to Temple 5k (THOUGH IT WAS ONLY 3.04 MILES TAKE NOTE but I’m counting it as my PR because I slayed it).Race: According to my GPS, the distance was 3.04, and I completed it in 24:38 (average pace of 8:05 min/mile). According to the timing chip on my bib, with the assumption that the course is an actual 5k (3.1 miles), my chip time was 24:34 (average pace of 7:55 min/mile).Course: Downhill from the Provo LDS Temple to the Provo City Center Temple. (FirstSEE DETAILS

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