Hey! I’m Allie— a runner, writer, yoga teacher, and wellness enthusiast.

These days, my focus is on running and physical fitness. I LOVE it. But you’ll still occasionally find me teaching restorative yoga locally in Utah County, and you can also take my classes online (on Udemy and a bit on YouTube).

And here’s my little bit on how great yoga is 😉 …

I believe that yoga offers far more than physical benefits. As a yoga instructor, I also bring my educational and professional background in social work and addiction studies, and personal experience with trauma recovery and emotional and physical wellness into my teaching. I have taught yoga for university organizations, church women’s groups, at libraries, event centers, and substance abuse rehabilitation centers. I love teaching, and I love working with so many incredible people as they work toward their own goals in yoga and in life.

So whatever you love—whether it be running, yoga, natural remedies, or what have you—I’m glad you’re here! I hope you find some value in what I love to share!


Articles I have written:

De-Stress and Connect With the Lord,” BYU WSR Blog, 13 January 2017

Breathing: How To Improve Your Yoga Practice,” BYU WSR Blog, 27 September 2016



Yoga provides physical, mental benefits,” The Daily Universe, 22 February 2018

Women’s Services offers free yoga class every Saturday,” The Daily Universe, 16 November 2016



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