Race Recap: Temple to Temple 5k

Last Monday I ran the Temple to Temple 5k (THOUGH IT WAS ONLY 3.04 MILES TAKE NOTE but I’m counting it as my PR because I slayed it).

Race: According to my GPS, the distance was 3.04, and I completed it in 24:38 (average pace of 8:05 min/mile). According to the timing chip on my bib, with the assumption that the course is an actual 5k (3.1 miles), my chip time was 24:34 (average pace of 7:55 min/mile).

Course: Downhill from the Provo LDS Temple to the Provo City Center Temple. (First mile -149 feet, second mile -89 feet, third mile -39 feet). I chose to pay for a timing chip to be in a smaller group of runners to start out. This race was PACKED with families and kids, so it was worth it to me, knowing I wanted to race it, to pay for the timing chip.

How I PR’d: I LOVE NERDING OUT ABOUT THIS so I hope you enjoy this section. Haha! Here are the details:

Last year (2016), same race, I finished in 28:43 (average pace of 9:15 min/mile), so by training speed this year, I improved my time by over 4 minutes (shaving off over 1:15 min/mile). I’m pretty dang stoked about it.

I should also note, I did another race last year and I got that same 9:15 min/mile average, so that was just kind of what it was. And let’s go back a bit further: I have run on and off casually since probably 2008, and did start running more consistently and doing longer races in 2014, but I wouldn’t say I started training until maybe February or March of this year. When I started training, I actually had a friend coaching me (Sam! :D) and we had me training both with distance (training for that half last month) and speed, for the first time in my life.

In May I did the Race to Red 5k, after starting those speed workouts, and got down to a 8:39 average mile. BUT, I didn’t race smart. I went out too fast and burned out by the end. I’ve been looking forward to this race to try again, and I DID it. I’m so proud of how I raced. My times for each mile were better than I had hoped, but I listened to how my body was feeling as I raced, and I went by that. I loved it. I feel so good.

Thanks for celebrating with me! And if you’re looking for a great downhill 5k to do next year, perhaps with your family, and perhaps with religious significance (if you’re a Mormon!), I highly recommend this race! It’s a sweet experience.