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Over the past few weeks I’ve shared some insights into my own emotional trauma recovery—focusing on the pathway to healing more than the trauma itself—with the hope of helping others recognize trauma and know how to heal from it. I’ve decided to put the things I have written here, all in one place. Questions? Contact me. I’m here!




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Essential Oils for Emotional Trauma Recovery (with The Daily Essential Co.) *Note: There are SO many more primary tools for trauma recovery, but this is just how I incorporated essential oils/aromatherapy into my recovery.


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Race Recap: Race for Red 5k

This morning I ran the Race for Red 5k. This was an important race to me, but to explain its importance, we’ve got to do a couple flashbacks:

In June 2015 I ran the Young Living Run Through the Lavender 5k in 28:45, with an average pace of 9:15. In July 2016 I ran the Temple to Temple 5k in 28:43, again, with an average pace of 9:15. I wanted to try to get a better time last fall, but the one 5k I did was so congested for the first part of the race that I just decided to take it easy.

I signed up for the Race for Red 5k with the hope of breaking that 9 minute mile. That was the goal I told people. But as I began training, I quietly made a couple more goals: get an average 8:30 minute mile, and get in the top 10 women for the race. (After looking at past results, and considering my goal time, I felt this was a good goal).

Backing up—Training. In past years I would run and work to increase my mileage gradually, but I never followed a formal training program or did any speed workouts in there. This year I actually have a coach who has been training me both to PR in this 5k, and also for a longer distance race that I’m running later. So, I actually trained, under the supervision of someone who knows what he’s doing and is an accomplished runner himself, specifically for this race, and specifically with speed in mind.

And I did it. Unofficial result: 26:54.9 (8:39 min/mi). 7th place overall women’s. 2nd place Women ages 25-29.

…I DID IT!!!

My Garmin tracked it a little bit differently, and I did start running before I remembered to start my watch, so that’s my bad. But according to my Garmin I went 3.08 miles (like I said, whoops) in 26:51, at an 8:43 mile.

While I didn’t quite get that 8:30 I had hoped for, I got pretty darn close, especially considering my previous best 5k had an average of 9:15 min/mi. That’s a pretty solid jump there and I’m really proud of the work I did to get there.

I recognize some ways I could have raced SMARTER, and I’m excited to try again.

The race itself: I think Intermountain Healthcare organized a quality race! They were well organized, both in packet pickup and during the race itself. The course was well marked and they had people at every turn (and there were many in this course) cheerfully directing runners which way to go. They also had police officers stopping traffic both at small roads and a major road for runners to cross, and they did so in a timely manner so I didn’t even have to slow down. It was awesome. THEY were awesome. The course was relatively flat, which was nice. Running into the bright sun wasn’t that fun on the second half, but that’s just how loop courses work! We were greeted with a live band playing at the finish line and the energy was just great.

And now, the sentimental friend story portion of this blog post. I ran this race with my friends Sam (who is also my coach) and Dane. They are awesome. The three of us also have a tradition of watching Brooklyn 99 (formerly New Girl) every Thursday night, and thus I entitled our run this morning “99 Night Day Run.” 😛

I should also note, the three of us were on a Red Rock Relay team last October (which is when we decided to start the New Girl/99 Night, because being in a van all day with people will yield awesome ideas like that), and our Red Rock team was called “Saturday’s Warriors” (also the title of a Mormon musical from the 1980’s)—also named by me. SO. Just take note. My team naming skills are 2 for 2. 😉

But really, these guys are great. Sam offered to pace me initially, but I knew that HE could do awesome things in this race himself, so I made all 3 of us run separately to see what we could do. Sam, Dane and I all ended up placing in our age groups (medals!!) and Sam got 2nd overall man. WOOHOO! Then we celebrated with smoothies at GreenMe Smoothies in Orem. So good.

I loved this race this morning. I feel accomplished and strong, and eager to see what more I can do with the 5k distance.

Race Recap: Payson Pay-It-Forward 5k

A couple months ago my awesome roommate Suzy sat down and listed off a bunch of races she had signed up for this season. At the time I was running, had some goals, had some races in mind, but hadn’t signed up for any yet (or maybe signed but but hadn’t told anyone yet, as I do. Ha!) Long story short, Suzy is awesome, I decided to make some solid running commitments for the season, and I decided to do Suzy’s first race of the season with her: the Payson Pay-It-Forward 5k.

Pros: Cost only $1! The race was created to encourage people to get out and run, and not let a race entry fee deter people from signing up. The race included a 1 mile run and a 5k, all sharing that first mile together. That first mile surrounded by families and more kids than I’ve ever seen at a race ever? So dang cute. This was a very family friendly event, and very accessible to anyone. They also had a nice folk band playing at the Start/Finish line. All the volunteers were super nice. It was just a happy place to be!

Cons: NO SHADE. MOSTLY HILLS. Especially the last two miles. Ha! We did not expect that. I took this run as more of a training run for another upcoming 5k, and I did hit my goal times for each of my mile splits. But dang. It was tough.

But, I think that made the ending even better—the park at the finish line is fully shaded, they provided water and fruit, and there was that nice folk band playing and plenty of seating.

And look at all we accomplished before 9:30am!

I definitely recommend this race if you want to get your family involved, if you want a quality race for a very low cost, or if you want a good hill training run.

Tips for Lowering Sugar Intake (Relatively Painlessly!)

Leading up to the Trust Your Gut Daily Essential Co. Cleanse this month (starts May 15!), I’m trying to cut back on sugar so the cleanse won’t be a total shock to my body! Here are some of the substitutions and tools I’m using to make an easier transition:

Instead of cake, eat…

Some people can eat fruit for dessert and feel satisfied, and that’s great. But on days when I want to EAT EVERYTHING, a more filling substitution (for me) is ⅓ cup oatmeal cooked with ⅓ cup water and just under ⅓ cup flaxseed milk, with some cocoa powder (maybe a teaspoon or two, I just eye it), cook it according to the directions, then stir in some peanut butter. Mmm.

Instead of soda, drink…

Sparkling water is always my go-to when trying to cut back on soda (or rather, if I’m drinking soda daily, I go from caffeinated soda to caffeine free, and/or fewer days a week of drinking soda, then drink more sparkling water). I prefer unflavored sparkling water, and I just started adding in one or two drops of grapefruit or lemon essential oil to it. This is my new treat! It’s so refreshing to me.

According to Sara Wilson (of I Quit Sugar)…

Sara wrote a whole book about how to quit sugar in 6 weeks and I just think she’s a fantastic woman and is contributing to the world in very meaningful ways. One of the things she suggests for the first couple of weeks is increasing your protein as you’re decreasing your sugar intake. I try to do this and I think it helps keep me full and satisfied.

When you just want to eat everything…

doTERRA Slim & Sassy gum
. I love this stuff. Since initially trying it a couple months back, I always keep it with me to help ease those cravings, and also because I just think it tastes really good. It’s a flavor you likely haven’t tasted before (each piece of gum contains a drop of Slim & Sassy essential oil, which contains Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon), which I’d think could help redirect some of those impulses we have around food (dessert right after meals, multiple afternoon snacks, even soda cravings, just by introducing a new flavor in to the mix with this blend).

And, maybe the most obviously…

Water. Drink so much water. Wake up and drink water first thing. Some people say lukewarm water, I say whatever water you want to drink. Drink it. You can even add in some apple cider vinegar and/or lemon juice (just a bit) to get your digestion going faster. Drinking water first thing in the morning (and throughout the day) will help you maintain proper hydration, feel full faster around mealtime (and helping you not overeat), and is just so vital to great physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Want to do a little spring detox with me and my gal pals? Contact me! Let’s get this going!